OFTP2 is the second generation of the OFTP transmission protocol and stands for "Odette File Transfer Protocol 2". The biggest difference to FTP connections is the ability to resume interrupted data transfers. 

In contrast to the first version, OFTP2 enables a modern, secure connection via the Internet. The first OFTP did not use encryption, OFTP2 uses asymmetric encryption.

e-integration parameters

Odette parameters
​SFID (default)
Secure OFTP2 session authenticationYes, default: no
​Extended signed transmission confirmationYes (SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Default SHA-512)
Outgoing data encryptionYes (3DES, AES 256, Default AES 256)
Outgoing data signature​Yes  (SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Default SHA-512)
Note: It is recommended to use the OFTP2-based mechanism to exchange certificates used for encryption and authenticity.
For manual download of our certificate please see below.
​Used Product
mendelson OFTP2
Internet parameters
​IP address213.203.210.166
Host nameoftp.edicc.de
Test connections:
​IP address185.29.219.35
Host nameoftptest.e-integration.de
​Incoming virtual file names
Outgoing virtual file names

Old Odette-ID: O0013007231YACOM-02

Odette-Code: O0177X1GKEDICC1

Data transfer on demand

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Certificate and public key

To operate OFTP2 with SSL/TLS, message encryption and signatures, certificates and/or a public key must be installed.
Depending on your requirements and settings, you may need to install one of the below certificates.

On this site you will find the required file for download: https://download.edi-esker.de

The files are named as follows: 

​Standard OFTP2 certificate

The same certificate is used for:

  • OFTP2-level encryption and message signature
  • SSL / TLS handshake

e-integration recommends to use encryption and message signatures based on this certificate.

This is a certificate signed by mendelson CA Service ("mendelson Intermediate 6", based on root certificate "mendelson Primary Root 6")

In case these certificates are not already installed and marked "trusted",
please refer to their website to download the respective certificates: (external) http://ca.mendelson-e-c.com/index.php?area=service
Make sure to enable "trust" to the mendelson "Primary Root 6" and/or "Intermediate 6" certificate.

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