Connect a partner (ECC3)

How to set up a new EDI connection to a business partner

Would you like to connect another supplier or customer via EDI? This takes place within a small project of a partner activation. To start the project, please send an e-mail to Alternatively, you can use the online PFS Request Form.

Please provide the following information about the partner you would like to connect to: 

  • Name of company
  • Address of company
  • Your internal number for the company
  • First and last name of contact person
  • E-mail address of contact person
  • Phone number of contact person
  • Message types and sending directions
Our team contacts your partner to exchange all needed specifications to set up the EDI connection. After the connection is established, you can start exchanging EDI files with your business partner.
The setup of the partner will be charged with the next invoice.
There are several ways to get connected to our EDI clearing center. An overview of all possible communication channels and our specifications to get connected can be found here: Get EDI connected with e-integration.
If you have any questions on partner connections, don't hesitate to contact our team via phone or e-mail.