FTP-based Message File Transfer (eCC 3)

FTP can be used to send and receive messages - with a few agreements

FTP ("File Transfer Protocol") is a generally available protocol with extremely low transmission costs - provided that the partners involved in the data exchange have an Internet connection. It's also possible (and recommended) to encrypt this type of connection. 

When using FTP to transfer message files in both directions, the two partners need to decide how to use FTP for this purpose.
There are three reasonable methods to send and receive files via FTP.

FTP Methods

  • active: e-integration uploads and downloads messages from you. You tell us your FTP server parameters and we connect to you. 
  • passive: you upload and download messages from e-integration. We tell you our FTP server parameters and you connect to us.
  • active/activemutually uploading between e-integration and you. You and we exchange FTP server values and connect mutually.

FTP Encryption and Authentication

When using FTP, encryption and authentication needs to be defined specifically. Encryption protects data while its transferred so that others cannot decipher the content. Authentication refers to how to identify each party, i.e. to make sure to talk to the right communication partner (and not somebody else). One can choose between these variants:

  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol): secure server authentication using the Secure SHell (SSH). Data is transferred encrypted (authentication with username & password)
  • SFTP with Public Key: data is transferred encrypted during the whole session (using a public key authentication)
  • FTPS (FTP over SSL): all data is transferred encrypted via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) (authentication with username & password)
  • FTP: no encryption used, not recommended (authentication with username & password)
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The protocol for transferring files should be chosen depending on the confidentiality of the data to be transferred. Many capable FTP clients are available on all system platforms. 

Select and combine options

Any combination of FTP Method and FTP Encryption/Authentication is OK

All three FTP methods can be combined with any FTP encryption/authentication variant.  For detailed information on one of the variants, please click on one of the following links:

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