EDI Tools to download

Software tools provided by Esker EDI Services

Esker EDI Services provides a few tools to work with the Esker EDI Services infrastucture (ECC). If you ave any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our service desk!

e-AS2 "Connect" 

Connect your local infrastructure to Esker using AS2

The preferred way to connect the local infrastructure of our customers to our EDI systems is via AS2.

If you'd like to use AS2 to send and receive your B2B files, but don't have appropriate software, you can license the Esker EDI Services e-AS2 "Connect" server to connect specifically to our EDI systems.

You can download the software from here: https://download.edi-esker.de

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Metafile Manager

Explore full details of EDI transactions collected in a metafile

Esker EDI Services systems internally use a proprietary format named "Metafile" to collect input, intermediary and output files for each transaction.

In the customer "EDI Operations Monitor" application, the transactions are accessible, including the intermediary files.

By default, these are offered as a simple ZIP file, which is a simplified version of the internal Metafiles.

For advanced users we also offer to download the Metafiles directly.
This offers more details about the B2B transactions but requires to use the "Metafile Manager" to open and display the file contents.

To activate your account to provide "Metafiles directly", please send a request to support@e-integration.de

Once activated, use the Metafile Manager downloaded from here: https://download.edi-esker.de