FTP method: passive (eCC 3)

In this case, you download files from and upload files to the e-integration FTP server.

To establish the connection, please use the following parameters:

Odoo text and image block


Productiv systems:

sftp.edi-esker.de (SFTP)
ftp.edi-esker.de (FTP - no encryption)

Test systems:
sftptest.edi-esker.de (SFTP Test)
ftptest.edi-esker.de (FTP Test - no encryption)

​21 (FTP)
22 (SFTP)
​FTP account
​​The account name will be sent to you via e-mail later.
​FTP password
​The password will be sent to you via email later.
​UPLOAD (upload your outgoing files to this directory on Test system)
DOWNLOAD (download your incoming files from this directory on Test system)

  • You must delete files to successfully close the transaction.
  • You should check&download files at least once every 24 hours; usually a lot more often.
  • Files older than [30 days] will automatically be deleted.

The following IP addresses need to be configured in your firewall:

  • Production: (outbound from your systems)
  • Test: (outbound from your systems)
  • The directory names are in capitals. If your system is case sensitive, please ensure that you use capitals for the directory names.
  • Only binary uploads
  • Uploaded files will automatically be removed from the UPLOAD directory.
  • Do not implement a validation routine that expects to find an uploaded file.
  • Files will not be productively processed before the production start date, will be confirmed by mail.
  • The filenames must be unique.
  • The filenames will not control any processing.
  • e-integration generates filenames with the structure < application >< internal no (6digits) >< date&time(YYYYMMDDHHMMSSsss) >
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