FTP-method: active-active

The "active-active" method for FTP is the most advanced and most beneficial method. Each side actively sends message files to the other's FTP server.

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FTP parameters e-integration values expecting your files Your parameters to receive files from e-integration
​Technical contact
​e-integration Support Team 
+49 2102 479 - 101
​FTP server address
​ftpcc.edicc.de (sftp.edicc.de for SFTP)
Information for you to configure your firewall:

The IP range to must be allowed for connections from our clearing center.

FTP server port
21 (22 for SFTP)
IP addresses

Note: The IP address must be allowed for connections to our clearing center.
FTP encryption
Choose one the following encryption methods:
  • Use SFTP (SSH-based FTP) with FTP Account and password.
  • Use FTPS (FTP over SSL) with FTP Account and password.
  • Use plain FTP with FTP Account and password. (Discouraged because no encryption is used)
  • Use SFTP with public key authentication; no FTP Account and password are used.
FTP account
Account name will be sent via separate e-mail.
FTP password
Account password will be sent via separate e-mail.
SFTP public key
You get our public key to authenticate. We get your public key to authenticate.
Upload directories
​Commit Methods
​e-integration starts processing files as soon as your client closes the session. 
No further configuration is required.
​Please tell us if:
  • No specific commit method required; simply close the session. 
  • Create same-name file with suffix ".ok" to indicate completion. 
  • Use "_< actual filename >.temp" during upload, rename to indicate completion. 
Di​rectory names: 
  • The directory names are in capitals.
  • If your system is case sensitive, please make sure that you use capitals for the directory names.

  • Only binary uploads.
  • Uploaded files will be automatically removed from the INBOUND directory.
  • Files will not be productively processed before the production start date (confirmed by e-mail).

  • The filenames must be unique.
  • The filenames will not be used when processing the files.
  • e-integration generates filenames with the structure: 
    < application > < internal no (6 digits) > < date & time (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) >

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