SFTP stands for "Secure File Transfer Protocol" and is an alternative to FTP (more details here: FTP) which allows data encryption.

Parameter der e-integration

URL: sftpcc.edicc.de
Port Standard port 22
Public key format OpenSSH (we support OpenSSH and IETF SECSH)
Test directories TEST/UPLOAD (upload your outgoing files to this directory)
TEST/DOWNLOAD (downlod your incoming files from this directory)
​Productive directories PROD/UPLOAD (upload your outgoing files to this directory)
PROD/DOWNLOAD (downlod your incoming files from this directory)



  • the IP address must be allowed

Transmission mode:

  • files must be transferred in binary or image mode, data transfer in ascii mode is not permitted


  • Once a file has been made available for retrieval, it is no longer possible to change it or attach further data to this file
  • File attributes such as time stamps or access rights cannot be set or changed by your client
  • Only fully transmitted data will be processed. Special measures do not have to be taken
  • The file name must be unique


  • At e-integration, file names are built like: <Application><internal processing number>
  • Data provided in the download directory must be collected and deleted by you. Obsolete data will be deleted by e-integration after 30 days